Be super clear on your vision to accelerate your success


“I can’t do it.  I don’t know what to put down.”

So, there I was, sat at a table in some swanky London members’ bar with the open pages of my untouched A3 notebook laid out before me, my pen hovering above the page.

I looked at my coach earnestly.  Inside I’m flapping, panicking.  I want to run for the door.  This is too hard.  Ah!  My anxiety is hitting volcanic eruption levels.  The task ahead?  To put down on that sheet of paper what I want.

That is it.  To put down what I WANT.

For me.  For my life.  For my ambition.  My heart’s desire.  My dare to dream.

I’d rather be dancing naked in the Arctic.

The inner critic mocks me.  “How is it that you are a 34 year old professional (it was a few years ago…), member of the IT management team at a national newspaper, who can deliver the company’s most critical strategic IT project, yet you can’t articulate what it is you want?”

And this is where I’d got to.  Somewhere along the way I’d lost sight of me.  I was very good at saying what I didn’t want, and certainly had a voice when it came to bemoaning this and that, but my secret shame was that I couldn’t really articulate what my heart desired – what my calling was; what I truly longed for.  I felt disconnected from myself.

Leading To This Point

Phil, my coach, and I had worked for two months to lead up to this point.  We’d explored my strengths, my loves from childhood, what I get excited about.  Lots of ‘safe’ exercises that were fun and reassuring.  And I’d been dreading this moment.  I had to stand up for myself and say “I’m worthy of living my heart’s desire and this is what it is.”  Vulnerability was not something I entertained.

“Don’t think about it – write something.  Anything,” he says.  Turns out Phil is a black-belt master in a silent stand-off.  So I started.  And did a little more, and over the course of two hours, with gentle guidance and quite a lot of prodding, I wrote down what I wanted to do with my life.

It was the weirdest experience.  What I’d written down was so far removed from my then day-to-day life that it seemed like a ridiculous notion.  How was I ever going to get there?”

Discovering Your Essence

Well I kept that bit of paper and I’m looking at it now, having not done so for many years.  And, give or take a few bits, it’s pretty spot on.  Phrases like “fostering tribes,” “unlock brilliance and drive this into high performing capability,” “giving people space and time to be their true selves,” “enriching, supporting & assisting others”.  I didn’t have a job title, industry or ideal client then, but I did know the essence of what I wanted to do.

Now I am sure.  I take entrepreneurs from surviving to thriving.  I work with ambitious mums who are dealing with the overwhelm and self-doubt of running or starting a business, and get them focussed, solid and prosperous.  And equip them with the skills of self-care and self-nurture. They leave resilient and inspired with a new respect for their own capabilities.

And it all started with that piece of paper 6 years ago.

You Are Not Alone

If you are unsure where you are heading, you are not alone.  71% of the talented, capable and inspiring women I met at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow last September said they needed clarity in their vision.  And creating that vision is an exercise I do with almost every client at the beginning of the coaching relationship – it’s a critical step before building out the roadmap to achieve their goals.  So, my first online course was always going to be nailing that vision, and I’m so excited that it’s finally here!   Setting Your Path To Success is a mini-course to give women the time and space to reconnect to what’s truly important.

We Are All Worthy

We all deserve to live our heart’s desire.  We are all worthy of being our best selves.  And on International Women’s Day, what better day to decide to step into the arena and make a stand?  You owe it to your mothers, daughters, sisters and sister-hoods to be your best self, because that will give the women around you permission to do the same.  Be a leader by living your authentic life.

Building a clear view of where we are heading gives us solidity, calm, energy, openness and an inner knowing.  Imagine feeling so sure of who you are and what you stand for.  Imagine knowing exactly what to prioritise and when.  Imagine having everyone believe in you because you believe so strongly in yourself.  Imagine accelerating your success because you are 100% focussed on what you want.

And you can start your journey to that place today.

So hop on over and create the life you desire.

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