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Another Mother’s Story

A brief background about Another Mother & Julie Morgan

Hi, I’m Julie

I set up Another Mother in 2015 as I found myself having conversations over and over again with ambitious Mums about the struggle of fitting work around a family – and I loved it! Our ethos at Another Mother? We want the nation’s Mums to be out there, nailing their ambition to the wall, making a stand for a fulfilling, successful worklife – whether that be as a freelancer, turning a hobby into a business or setting up something completely new. We all have what it takes – the grit, determination and resourcefulness to get to where we want to go.

Another Mother provides inspiration, support and know-how to ambitious mums through networking, courses and coaching. We want Mums to flourish in their new role as a business owner and as a working parent, finding fulfilment and challenge whilst being there for the kids.

As for me? Career wise, I’m a management consultant turned digital IT specialist and a qualified coach. I’ve worked with brands such as Orange, Travelzoo, Coca-cola and was Head of Commercial IT at the Telegraph newspaper. I got my initial qualification in coaching in 2005 and became fully qualified in 2015.