Get Involved

We at Another Mother make it our mission to bring awesome content to our community of business mums.  And we love for mums, just like you, to be a part of that. What is more beautiful than mums helping mums to succeed in their ambitions?

Whether you have some expertise to share, tips that saved your life, or a story to tell about your journey into business, come on over and get involved!

PS – Facebook Live interviews are really not that scary – I promise!

  • This interview is all about bringing expertise, tips and useful information to the community, from someone who understands what they’re going through – another mum!  Before you rule yourself out, thinking, “But I’m not an expert” – you are, trust me!
  • It’s a 30 minute interview (give or take) on the Another Mother Facebook Page
  • You don’t have to have achieved global success – bring 5 top tips about a particular subject area that will be useful for our community, and share your inspiration for getting into business, your role models, your challenges, your successes and how you manage this and a family!
  • We will do some Q&A and take some questions from the community during the session
  • If we go ahead, we’ll just need a mugshot, very short bio and your expert subject matter
  • On the day, you log in, and as long as you have a laptop/ pc camera and mic, you’re ready to go!
  • Check out to see some previous interviews
  • If interested, email us at and we’ll have a chat and get you scheduled in
  • We all love to hear stories of how mums, just like us, have coped with this journey.  Because let’s face it, it’s not easy.  And that’s where you come in!
  • Here’s an opportunity to get some publicity, connect with your target market and get some social media coverage
  • As with any guest blog, make sure it fits the Another Mother tone of voice, is genuine, about 600-900 words and is well-written and easy to read.
  • Here are some questions below for inspiration:
    • What inspired you to set up your business?
    • What were you doing before kids?
    • How has the journey been so far?
    • Who are your role models and why?
    • What has been the biggest challenge so far?
    • What has been the most rewarding aspect so far?
    • What about this journey was unexpected?
    • If you had a metaphor for this journey, what would it be?
    • If you were granted one business wish what would it be?
    • What advice would you give to another mum considering the same journey?
  • Submit your article to with a good high quality pic, and, if it passes our quality test, we’ll get it scheduled in!
  • Use this platform as an opportunity to show your audience your knowledge and talents and demonstrate your credibility.
  • Unsure what to write about?  Just pick 5-7 tips on a theme and ask yourself the question, “will this make someone’s life happier, easier, simpler, less stressful, more optimistic, inspired?”  If so, then it’s probably a good-un.
  • Make sure it is relevant to our audience, fits our tone of voice, and will be helpful to mums in business.
  • We love well-written, easy to understand articles, about 600-1000 words and packed full of interesting tidbits!  Oh, and no self-promotion please – it puts readers off!  But do be sure to write a (brief) one-sentence at the bottom explaining who you are (your elevator pitch), your website and any promotion you are running.
  • Email your article and high resolution picture to and, if it passes the quality test, we’ll schedule it in!